Thursday, March 31, 2016

Milk Khesari

  • Rava - 1 cup
  • ghee - 3-4 tbspn
  • Cashews - 8-9
  • Raisins - 8-9
  • Milk - 3.5 cups
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tspn (optional)


  • Heat 2 tbpsn ghee, and lightly brown the cashews. Scoop then out and keep them aside. Add the raisins. They will swell up, at this point scoop them out and keep it aside with the cashews.
  • Add more ghee if you need to, add the semolina/rava, and mix it in with the ghee till it turns golden brown, around 3-5 mins. Scoop it out, and keep it aside. 
  • Add milk  to the vessel. Once it starts boiling, add the rava (and the cardoman powder). This is the stage when the rava gets cooked i.e soft so keep gently folding in the rava and the milk, till it becomes an almost dry mix. 
  • At this point you can add sugar. Once you add sugar you will notice that the mixture gets more runny. Continue mixing (making sure there are no clumps) till it comes off the walls of the vessel. 
  • Turn off the heat, and spread the hot mixture onto a flat plate/tray and carefully poke in the cashews, and raisins. Once it cools down, and cut it into smaller pieces.
  • (note: the pic was taken when double the quantity was made)