Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ragi (Finger Millet) Vattayappam

 Healthy and tasty! This is good breakfast, and snack option.

Ingredients (makes 25 idli style steam cakes)
        1.   Ragi flour- 3 cups
        2.   Grated coconut – 3 cups
        3.   Active Dry Yeast – ½ tspn
        4.   Sugar – 1 cup
        5.   Milk – ¼ cup, warm
        6.   Water – 1 cup
        7.   Cardamom powder – ½ tspn
        8.   Salt -  ¼ tspn


       1.   Add yeast to warm milk, mix and keep aside.
       2.   Grind coconut with 1 cup water. Add yeast mixture to this, and grind till “mostly” smooth (having tiny clumps of coconut is acceptable)
       3.   Add the dry ragi flour, salt, and sugar to the wet coconut, and grind them well.
       4.   Leave it for 8-10 hrs (lesser in warmer places) to ferment. See stage by stage pic to understand the consistency of the final product.
       5.   The vattayappam mix might be more viscous after the fermentation period, if that’s the case add additional ¼ cup milk. Add cardamom powder, also salt, or sugar if needed, mix it well, and you are ready to steam.
       6.   I didn’t have any big plate to prepare a ragi cake  so I used my idli vessel to prepare tiny ragi vatayappams!