Sunday, April 28, 2013

Green Peas Rice (Mutter rice)

This is very easy to put together. Except for chopping the green chillies (and cooking the rice), there is little time involved in preparing this dish. This is the first time I cooked this kind/flavor of rice, though I have had this plenty at restaurants, and at friend's places. It was not my regular rice dish, but now it might just be. I had this along with coconut chicken curry and it was amaazing!


1. Green peas – 6 cups

2. Green chillies – 3, chopped

3. Cumin seeds – 2 tspn

4. Cinnamon sticks – 3 small (1.5 inches)

5. Cloves – 4

6. Ghee – 2 tspn

7. Butter – ½ stick

8. Oil - 2 tbspn

9. Salt to taste

10. Basmati Rice – 6 cups

11. Optional - turmeric (1/4 tspn), kashmiri chilli (1 tspn)


1. Cook rice in a rice cooker, else just cook it in a vessel with sufficient water. Make sure it does not get overcooked.

2. Heat oil in a pan, add the cinnamon sticks, and cloves. After around 3-4 minutes (after the cinnamon sticks opens up), add the cumin seeds.

3. Then add in the green chillies, and ghee. After a minute or two add the green peas (mutter), and butter. If you are using peas that needs to be cooked, add little water (1-2tspn), and cover and cook.

4. When you see a "dent" in the peas, it means it is cooked.

5. Add salt. This is optional, but you may add turmeric, and kashmiri chilli powder at this stage. Stir, and turn the heat off.

6. Once the rice has cooled down, add this peas mixture to it. Take care while mixing it together, as you don’t want it to get too mushy!

7. Enjoy rice with some curry on the side.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mutton Biriyani


1.     Mutton – thigh or shoulder piece with bones, 6 pounds (I used thigh piece)- 6 lbs

2.     White onions- 4 medium sliced

3.     Red Onions- 2 medium

4.     Ginger - 6 oz, chopped coarsely

5.     Garlice - 50 cloves, chopped coarsely
6.    Green chillies - 7 long, minced

7.     Biriyani masala – 2 tbspn

8.     Meat masala – 2 tbspn

9.     Butter  -1.5 sticks (unsalted)

10.     Yogurt - 4 tbspn

11.  Turmeric- 1 tspn

12.  Salt

13.  Mint leaves - 10 large leaves

14.  Cilantro, 1 bunch, chopped

15.  Lemon juice – squeeze ½ big size lemon

16.  Basmati rice -  6 cups

17.  Garnish (optional) – cashews, raisins


1.     Remove any excess fat from the mutton, clean, and keep aside.

2.     Grind ginger, and garlic. To marinate the meat, mix ginger-garlic paste, yogurt, turmeric, biriyani masala, and meat masala, keep aside.

3.     Fry the white onions in ½ cup oil, and butter. This is a time consuming process. It goes from dark brown to getting burnt really quick, so make sure to watch it carefully, and scoop them out once dark brown. Keep them aside

4.     In the same oil, fry the red onions (you might want to use a taller/bigger vessel as we will be adding the marinated meat, so will need extra space). Once light brown, add mutton, fresh mint leaves, followed by ¼ of the fried white onions (from step 3).

5.     Let this cook, do not add any water. It will release enough water to cook. This will take around 1 hr at low to medium flame.  Before turning off the heat make sure it is cooked, if not, let it cook longer.

6.     During this time, you can prepare the rice. If using rice cooker mix 1 cup rice to 1.5 cups water. Else add enough water to sufficiently immerse the rice. Add whole spices, like cinnamon stick, anise, cloves, salt and cook the rice.

7.     Turn the heat off, before it gets fully cooked (or too soft).

8.     In a tray pan, add the cooked meat mixture at the bottom, layer it with mint leaves, cilantro, 2 tspsn lemon juice, and then rice. I used two trays, so had to portion everything into two.

9.     Cover with foil, and cook for 30 mins at 350F.

10.  Let it sit for few minutes before removing foil, mix all the layers together. You can top it off with some raisins, and nuts sautéed in ghee.

11.  Enjoy with raitha and pickle on the side. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cherupyar (aka moong beans or green gram) thoren



         1.   Whole moong/mung beans – 2 cups, soak overnight
         2.   Grated coconut – ½- ¾ cups
         3.   Ginger – 1.5 inch, coarsely chopped
         4.   Garlic- 2 cloves, chopped
         5.   Green chillies – 3, chopped
         6.   Cumin seeds – 1 tspsn
         7.   Onion – ½ of medium size onion, sliced
         8.   Curry leaves - 20
         9.   To temper – 2 tbpsn oil, ¼ tspn cumin, ½ tspn mustard seeds, 2 dry chllies


        1.   Drain the soaked moon beans, and cook in around 1 cup water (this will take around 30 mins or so on low flame).
        2.    While this is being cooked. There are two ways to prepare the coconut mixture, either grind coconut, green chillies (I used only 3, and not all 4 as shown in picture), ginger, onions, approximately 15 curry leaves, and cumin seeds together or mix them with hand after finely chopping the garlic, ginger (this is a common practice). In the first method, do not grind the garlic, just finely chop it and add to ground mixture.
       3.   Once the moong beans are cooked, add the ground (or hand mixed) coconut mixture in the center, and cover it up with moon beans. Cover with lid, and let this cook at low flame for 15 mins. Be careful at how much water you add at this stage, especially if you don’t want your dish to be too “squashy”.
       4.   On the side, prepare the tadka. From step 9, heat oil, and add the cumin, mustard seeds, and dry chillies. Stir till raw smell is gone (around 1-2 minutes). Turn off heat.
      5.   Mix the moong beans in with the coconut mixture, add the remaining curry leaves, and then add the temper.
      6.   Enjoy this with rice, or kanji.