Friday, November 23, 2012

Shrimp pickle

This blog was supposed to include only recipes that were real easy to put together and enjoy. But, this one is too yummy and can be enjoyed over a long time, that I had to write it up. This recipe comes from my mother-in-law, who is an expert in making pickles.


  1. Prawns, 5 lbs, deveined, cleaned, and tail removed
  2. Ginger, 5 oz
  3. Garlic, 50 cloves (around 6.5 oz)
  4. Turmeric powder, 2.5 tspn
  5. Kashmiri chilli powder,5tspn
  6. Fenugreek seeds, 1.5 tspn
  7. Jeera (cumin seeds), 2 tspn
  8. Mustard seeds,2.5 tspn
  9. Distilled Vinegar, 1.5 cups
  10. Sesame Oil, 1.5 cups


  1. First step would be to cook in the shrimp. For this, place the shrimp in a vessel, and add turmeric (1.5 tspn) and salt (2 tspn) and let this cook for around 15 mins at low flame. Do not add any water as this process will release water, which can be used later as “shrimp broth”
  2. While the shrimp is being cooked, grind the mustard (2 tspn), and jeera in to a fine powder, and keep aside. Then coarsely chop the garlic, and ginger, (don’t need to do this if you have a powerful grinder) and then grind it to a paste.
  3. Once the shrimp is cooked, scoop it out of the vessel, and place in on a cloth or kitchen towel to dry, and transfer and save the remaining liquid for later.
  4. In the same vessel, heat sesame oil, around 3/4 cups (hint: To avoid additional work at the end, use a tall vessel, as all this frying will cause oil to splatter all around and create a mess), and fry the cooked (and dry) shrimp in batches, scooping them out each time.
  5. In the remaining oil, add mustard (1/2 tspn) , and fenugreek seeds (1.5 tspn), after spluttering, add the ginger-garlic paste, kashmiri chilli powder, turmeric powder (1 tspn) and let it cook till brown (add additional oil if necessary). Add the mustard-jeera powder, and the remaining sesame oil, and let the whole mix cook (keep stirring).
  6. Add Vinegar to this mixture, and let the whole mix come to a boil. Once all the raw smell is gone, add the fried shrimp, and coat them throughout by mixing it all together.If salt is not sufficient, you should add some at this stage.
  7. Turn off the heat, and let is stand. Once cool, store the pickle in a container, and save in fridge. (hint: for it to stay longer, it is a good idea to heat some oil, and pour into the container once cool, so that the oil is at the higher level than the shrimp)
  8. Enjoy!



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  1. Hey Blessy, shrimp pickle looks so very yummy...can't wait to taste ;)