Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Potatoes in spicy Tamarind sauce

I saw the original recipe in "Best -ever curry Cookbook" by Mridula Bajlekar, and added a few modifications of my own. This is very simple recipe. Potatoes in a spicy tamarind sauce turned out to quite tasty, and more than what I expected when I saw the recipe initially. It can be enjoyed with chapathis, or just plain rice. 


      1.   Baby (golden) potatoes, 1 pound –washed
      2.   Whole dried red chillies , 3-4
      3.   Cumin seeds , 1 tspn
      4.   Garlic cloves , 5
      5.   Vegetable oil , 10 tbspn
      6.   Tamarind paste, 4 tbspn
      7.   Tomato puree -2 tbspn
      8.   Curry Leaves , 6, chopped
      9.   Granulated sugar , 1 tspn
     10.                Asafoetida , ½ tspn
     11.                Salt to taste


  1. Boil the potatoes until they are fully cooked (make sure you  don’t overcook   them else they will crumble).  
  2.  Drain and cool the potatoes in cold water. Then drain, and dry them.  
  3. Cut the potatoes into half. Then sauté the halved potatoes in oil.  
  4.  In the meantime, grind the red chillies, cumin, and garlic using a pestle and mortar or food processor into a coarse paste.  
  5. Scoop out the lightly browned potatoes, and to the remaining oil (add more if needed) fry the paste, tamarind, tomato puree, chopped curry leaves, salt, sugar, and asafoetida until oil separates.  
  6. Add the sautéed potatoes, coat them with the spice paste, and cook for another 5-10 minutes.

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