Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicken noodle Soup

 This is a great soup to make when your loved one is under the weather. It is very nutritious, and easy to put together.  This recipe has been adapted from Rachel Rays recipe.


1.    3 medium carrots
2.    1 parsnip, peeled, and chopped
3.    1 big onion, chopped
4.    2 ribs celery, chopped.
5.    2 bay leaves
6.    6 cups good quality chicken stock
7.    1 pound chicken breast, diced
8.    ½ pound egg noodles
9.    1 handful fresh parsley
10.                       1 handful fresh dill
11.                       Salt and pepper


1.    In a large pot heat virgin olive oil. Add the onions, and carrots.
2.    Once slightly cooked and brown, add parsnip cubes. And cook it till brown
3.    Add the bay leaves, salt, and pepper to season the vegetable.
4.    Add the stock to the pot, and raise the flame, and bring the liquid to a boil.
5.    Add chicken, reduce the flame, and let it cook. If liquid is too thick or on the dry side, add upto 2 cups of water to the pot.
6.    Then add the egg noodles. And cook till tender.